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43.42% of secondary schools in rural India don't have a library facility.
23.33% of schools have a library but with only 500 books for the entire school.
30% of Indian government schools can't even get free textbooks from the government.

But what do these numbers mean? That the talent hidden in our remotest villages don't even have adequate reading material to prove their mettle. It is just one fair chance and equal opportunity that differentiates them from the children in urban schools.

So, what is Avsar? It's an attempt to bridge that gap. It's about realising that everyone, including these children, just need a chance. Avsar is about understanding that if we are in a position to help someone get proper education, it is not just an act of kindness but a service to the nation. Taking competition books, textbooks, and other reading materials to them is just the first step towards the goal. With a mission to reach over 1 million children in 150+ villages by the end of 2021, we are just getting started. And we need you! These children need you!
Dr Sunaina Singh
Dr Sunaina Singh - CEO
Education is so powerful that it can bring changes to lives- Better education creates better opportunities. If we can't provide better platform and education to the children means we are depriving them of a basic right. We are a passionate team, channelizing intents and efforts and creating associations on the ground to make a meaningful impact.
N.S Punia
Mr. N.S Punia - Founder
After 35 years when I revisited my school in a rural area I realized that resources had not changed much, buildings are there but no libraries, computers and science labs. That ignited us to create Avsar and bring together communities that can support the noble cause of providing education means. We have garnered a vibrant response from the schools and invite you to join this sincere effort to make our country progress'